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About me…

I love children’s literature – both reading children’s books and also writing my own stories for children.

I am currently working on my first children’s book, The Springs of Inyani.

I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught at primary schools in London and Hampshire.

I am the creator of Creative Beans – creative writing workshops for children. Running these workshops gives me much enjoyment and I always look forward to reading the fantastic stories written by young authors. (

Over the last few years, I have jotted down my thoughts and a short summary of any children’s books I read. Given that children and parents often ask me for book recommendations, it made sense to put my thoughts and summaries online.

All the reviews listed are my own personal opinion. This is purely subjective so please read with as many pinches of salt as you think necessary.

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  1. How very splendid but It would be nice to have a picture – you are so pretty!
    Love from

  2. Ha ha! Such a loyal father in law!

  3. Great idea, Julia. My girls and I will love this. (And I agree, you are very pretty!)



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