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‘Flood Child’ by Emily Diamand

Flood Child, by Emily Diamand

Age: 9+

It is easy to see why Flood Child won the Chicken House competition in 2008. Readers will be swept away in the adventures of 13 year old Lilly, a girl living in London in the year 2216.

The setting of Flood Child is both imaginative and also hints at what actually might be…  Great Britain has been engulfed by floods from global warming. Pirates, known as reavers, rule the waters.

Flood Child is written in the first person but from two different points of view: Lilly, a 13 year old girl, and Zeph, a boy of the same age. Zeph is the son of a violent and powerful Reaver, whilst Emily is from a peaceful fishing family.

The story opens with the reavers kidnapping the Prime Minister’s daughter. This leads to wide-spread disaster but Lilly believes she can save the day by rescuing the kidnapped daughter.

Lilly sets out on an intrepid rescue-mission but when her path crosses with Zeph, she finds herself in far deeper waters than she had anticipated.

Zeph fights his own battles too when he is torn between loyalty to his new friend Lilly and his allegiance to his English-hating reaver family.

A compelling and imaginative story of adventure and friendship.

Themes: Adventure, global warming, friendship, family.

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I am a big fan of children's literature - both reading children's books and also writing my own stories for children. I am currently working on my first children's book, The Springs of Inyani. I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught at primary schools in London and Hampshire. I am the creator of Creative Beans - creative writing workshops for children. Running these workshops gives me much enjoyment and I always look forward to reading the fantastic stories written by young authors. ( Over the last few years, I have jotted down my thoughts and a short summary of any children's books I read. Given that children and parents often ask me for book recommendations, it made sense to put my thoughts and summaries online. All the reviews listed are my own personal opinion. This is purely subjective so please read with as many pinches of salt as you think necessary.

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